Tree pruning for fire prevention and defensive space

Tree pruning might be for making sure that your tree will get the good health for your tree. tree maintenance will ensure the safety of your tree in your property. By pruning regularly, this could bring many other benefits that could prolong the lifespan of your tree through giving your tree a strong growth and structure and also minimizing the risk due to weak or dead branches. But most homeowners don’t have the idea that tree pruning could also be associated with fire safety. When you are not doing regular pruning or not doing any pruning at all could increase the potential spread of fire through the branches that hang low to the waste on your yard.

In order to prevent the risk that your tree could possible cause, you must know how to identify it first to help you in determining which part of the tree will possibly cause the problem. If your tree has an excessive loss of leaves or has branches with no leaves, this might be a sign that you have a distressed tree. If you also notice some frail bark that is falling off the tree or brittle limbs that are falling could also be a sign that your tree is already posing a risk. Also, if you notice a part of the tree that is rotten or some kind of fungus growing means that the tree could poses a possible risk and could become a fire hazard and must be removed immediately and an experienced arborist from a reputable tree service company could help you to identify the potential hazards that your tree could bring to you and your family including your property.

Certain fire hazard that the tree in your property might bring could be prevented through proper tree spacing. Vertical spacing and horizontal spacing must be observed. In vertical spacing, the vegetation and branches that is creating a link between the tree and the. You should remove branches and vegetation at least 6 feet above the ground and if there are bushes or shrub below the tree, you should add more space that will provide more clearance. While the horizontal requires at least 10 feet of space I between the trees. This is to create enough space in between trees to slow or even stopping the spread of wild fire in your property. In preventing any case of wildfire, you must create a buffer zone or a defensive space to prevent it reaching your property. Clear all vegetation that is causing the acceleration of the spreading of wildfire. The space extends up to 100 feet from structures and your home is needed and this is divided in two zones. Zone 1 is having 30 feet of space from your home or other structure. Keeping off branches at least 10 feet away by trimming trees regularly and remove dry and dead vegetation. Zone 2 is having a space of 30 to 100 feet of clear space from the structures.

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House Updates Ideas You will Like  

Our house sometimes can be too comfortable to us. Sometimes it can even make the whole place look like too common. Good thing we can always update the look of the house to make it a little interesting. We can always play it up with the paint, the roof a new addition in the house or even as simple as updating to wrought iron front doors  

House Updates Ideas

1: Fresh Coat of Paint   

Sometimes a home update doesn’t have to go crazy renovation it could just be as simple as slapping a fresh coat of paint in your home. It is simple, tedious but the result has instant gratification for you, and a whole new light in the room. A fresh coat of paint is not overtly expensive and you can play with the colors, you can either stick to classics or go on the contemporary side. It all depends on your style and vibe.   

  • Doors and Windows  

Another easy update to your home, by changing the doors and windows. You can either change your fiberglass door for a wrought iron front door or go for a bit luxurious changes with a wood carved front door. Your window deserves a little love so you can match the style of your window to your door or you can go something at different something all the way out of the spectrum.  

  • Upgrade as an update  

You can choose any room and look at it and think what it needed to be upgraded. It could be the kitchen or the bathroom, the living room and even the private bed room. You can have some parts upgraded so it will work better. It could be good and you will find yourself thanking yourself for investing in a new oven or a better shower heater.  

  • Repairs  

Updating your home could be as simple as making sure that there are no leaks on the roof. There are no water stains and grimes on the wall. The floor is shined and waxed. It doesn’t have to be too much mess. Just enough that it is working well and looking good.   

  • Landscape  

You can also go out of the house and have a landscaper do the work for you. It can be just as awesome as it looking like it is a million dollar investment. It can just be a simple new plant or a little trim and pruning here and there. Your yard will appreciate a little maintenance and get spruce up in the process.   

What you have to remember when you are updating your home is that you should make sure that you have the plan and the finances to support the updates. You don’t have to go at it all at once however, you can go slowly and make sure that what you wanted is done to a perfection. Any mistake will cost you more in time, labor and money. That is why it is better to go slow than make mistakes about the update trying to finish faster. 

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