What is tree pruning and why do we need it?

Trees are everywhere we might see some in our neighborhood and even in our own homes trees brings a lot of benefits to us humans and we also need to make sure that we maintain and take care of our trees properly. Pruning a tree is a method to remove dead and diseased branches. Pruning can also come with a service of cleaning and removing something toxic in your tree to provide a healthy growth and a better appearance since you can see that your trees are pruned properly and below are some example why we need tree pruning. 




Why do we need to prune our trees? 


  1. For your trees to stay healthy – tree pruning is a method used to removed dead and damaged branches it helps prevents mold, fungus, organisms, and bacteria to build up and spared all through your trees and to your lawn. It can also cause insects to nest on these dead and diseased branches because that is what the insects or pest wants they want to live in a warm, dry, and moldy area. Pruning your tree will help them stay and grow healthy and avoid diseases or problems. It allows them to grow a much healthier and stronger branch. That is why it is always important to check, take care, and maintain our trees properly. For the safety. 
  1. For the Safety of others and our surroundings – pruning a tree helps us to be safe especially during strong winds, bad weather, or other calamities since dead branches especially if they are heavy and strong when they fall on something it can destroy it and it can be dangerous especially if it falls to a human. It can be hazardous if we don’t maintain our trees since long branches can reach cables wires, roofs, and a lot more and that can start a fire or destruction to the property. It is important that we have somebody professional do the job for us affordable tree service Huntsville al provide all tree services in the area.  
  1. Maintain trees natural strength and form – removal of bad branches helps the trees to grow a much better and healthier brace a much stronger one and it is important that we do this regularly so that our trees can grow stronger and healthier and maintain its natural form.  
  1. Stop growth of unwanted branches – pruning a tree helps stimulate and restrict growth of unwanted branches. So doing it regularly eventually will help us to restrict it from growing more in the future. 


When do we need to prune a tree? 


We need to prune our trees when we see damaged and diseased branches. We also need to ask for pruning services especially if there is excessive growth of bad branches in our trees. You can prune anytime but it is recommended not to do it during summer or winter. It is important that the leaves are widely opened and develop so that they can take the rest and cope up to the process. 


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